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New Years Eve Photos!

SUIT UP 2011!

Here are some photos from our New Years Eve night. Apologies to Oscar who had the camera. He didn't appear in any because he was the one taking the photos.

Jeff and Darren. We look like a news team

Up to no good

The gang at club Muse in Roppongi, Tokyo

Superstar Josh

Matt pwning the dance floor

Cool beans

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Tokyo & Tochigi

Sorry everyone it's been a long time since we've updated the blog. Life has been pretty hectic in Tokyo!

Anyway without further ado here are the cliff-notes on what's been happening since we left Hakuba.

  • We met up with Josh. Good times.
  • Checked in to our accommodation. It's located a couple of blocks away from Tokyo Dome which is a giant entertainment complex.
  • Spent our first night here at a British Pub. We ate some western food for a change. The fish and chips were excellent. Failed on a kawaii attempt.
  • The next day we went to Harajuku. Visited Meji-Jingu temple and then headed down into the main strip which would be considered Japan's fashion capital for young people (17-29). The crowds were enormous and the clothes were something else. The typical Japanese male wears something like cowboy boots, designer jeans, shiny puffy jacket with fur lined hood, and a frilly undershirt. Probably not something you could wear in Australia without getting a few stares :/
  • The day after we went to Shibuya and met up with another friend, Chris. Went shopping, then afterwards we went to Alcatraz a prison themed restaurant, after that we hit the Karaoke bar to sing the night away. To cap the night off we stayed in a capsule hotel which was an interesting experience.
  • Went to Akihabara, the Anime capital of Japan and spent way too much money on figurines D:
  • Then we went north bound to Tochigi to visit Josh's home town where he lives and works. Bought some suits, more figurines (Jeff went crazy and bought like 50 Dragonball figurines), and stayed the night at his house.
  • Tonight we are heading out to Roppongi to celebrate New Years Eve so there should be some epic tales to tell on the next blog. Until then I leave you with some more photos of our travels....

(click on the links to open the photos)

Leaving Hakuba. Immediately after I took this photo I fell on my ass

The crowds in Harajuku

Mat and Josh

Josh and Darren. Doing the 'dat ass' face

The gang in the middle of the famous Shibuya crossing

Chris and Matt at the Karaoke bar

A view of Shibuya

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Moar videos!

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Waking up to a snow covered Hakuba

Walk outside of our hostel and this is what we see


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Skiing in Hakuba!

Click on the links to watch the videos

A video of the guys skiing down Mt. Goryu in Hakuba

Jeff rofling in the snow. Oscar and Darren throwing snowballs

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