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Just a few snaps of where we've been and what we've done in Japan.

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Darren wearing a Japanese Yukata

Matt found an umbrella buried in the snow

Chillin in front of the Golden Temple, Kyoto

With Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace from One-Piece!

About to do an all you can eat sushi

Riding bikes around Kyoto

With a cute little deer from Nara

Oscar and Darren with the car from Jurassic Park

At Universal Studios with the Delorean from Back to the Future!

Matt playing Pachinko. Oscar watching

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Aquarium and Universal Studios

We're now in Osaka and soon as we've arrived we are already unfortunately leaving.

We've been here 2 days and done the following:

-Travelled to the Osaka aquarium. It was amazing. It even had a whale shark in a tank! Oscar loved the sea otters. Jeff loved the long legged crabs (probably because he wanted to eat them)
-Played pachinko for the first time. Pachinko is a game kind of like pinball without the paddles if that makes sense.... The aim is to win more balls. Balls are exchanged for prizes. It's bright and colourful, and noisy as hell! Matt bought a tray of about 1000 pachinko balls and he wasn't sure what he was doing but he sure looked like he was having fun.
-Jeff visited the 100Yen shop where everything costs 100 yen. He was like a kid in a candy store. He left with about 15 items (mostly snacks and drinks). I had to drag him out by the collar before he bought out the whole store.
-I went crazy Otaku and bought lots of One-Piece items. I'm going to be returning home with probably 2 tonnes of merchandise.
-Jeff has been spending all his cash in vending machines trying to win Dragonball figurines. It's been an epic fail though because he keeps getting the worst character possible in Dragonball... The fat man Android 19
-We went to Universal Studios today in Osaka. The rides there were awesome. The rides we went on were Terminator, Spiderman, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Jaws, and Hollywood Dream. All the rides were great but I think the general consensus was that the Spiderman ride was the best.
-Tonight me and Jeff ate a true Japanese meal. A sushi set with eel, octopus, various fish, prawns, tempura, and udon. And to polish it off... a cool tall glass of grape Fanta :)

Sorry guys no photos yet again. It's been difficult to find time to do it. We'll be heading to Hakuba tomorrow and it's going to be a 5 hour train trip so we'll have plenty of downtime to put the photos up. Until then see ya next time!

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Day 2 & 3- Yosh!

The Gold Temple, Ninanji, Ryoanji, Nijo Castle, video game arcades, and vending machines.

5 °C

Konnichiwa! Here's the latest news report live from Kyoto Japan :)

Last night we went to a ramen restaurant. The staff in there were very excited to see us. They were really animated and were yelling things like "YOSH!" every time an order was ready. The ramen was tasty and the locals were heard in the background slurping it up enthusiastically. After that we returned back to the hostel and to our surprise the staff were holding a free cooking lesson for us. We made Brazillian chocolate balls. Matt's turned out to be the favourite when one of the girls picked his first (only because it was epic) and he made an huge mess. Unlucky Jeff...

It's late so I'll give you guys the cliff notes on what we've done so far:

-We've rented bicycles to travel to/from the train station.
-It's bloody cold. About 5 degrees average.
-Scarves and beanies are awesome!
-We've seen many castles, temples, and shrines. Kyoto has so much history.
-The Kyoto train station is HUGE. There is a department store built on top of the train station with about 12 floors in it.
-We've walked many miles in our shoes. We're going to be athletes at the end of this trip!
-Vending machines are on every corner on every street. You can get beer, soup, coffee, and over 9000 different soft drink flavours.
-I get to practice my small knowledge of Japanese language. The locals really appreciate it and are surprised when they hear it.
-Today we went to a video game arcade. It was like Disney Land. More games than you can imagine and of every variety.
-I don't think there will be any food left here when Jeff is finished
-7/11 the convenience store is awesome for snacks. You can buy anything in there.
-Oscar is struggling with the bicycle going up hills
-Jeff is make us wait all the time when he goes shopping
-Matt is loving the price of cheap of beer and cigarettes
-And I'm mad at the arcade games for taking my money! I've been trying to win One-Piece figurines. No success yet :(

Sorry guys no photos yet but if we get some time tonight we'll post them up.

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We're here!

In Japan and loving it!

Well folks we arrived safely in Japan today. It was an exhausting flight we didn't get any sleep. Oh and apparently Jeff saw Tony Abbott and Ian Thorpe in first class..... lol. For the last 32 hours we've been travelling on connecting planes, trains, and walking to get to our destination. Needless to say, we're pretty freakin tired! The train system here is pretty confusing and we got lost a few dozen times. Thankfully the Japanese people are very helpful and they've set us on the right path again and again (even if it is in broken english!). Me and Matt have had the right idea packing lightly. It's been tough lugging around lots of gear. Jeff packed way too much and he looks like a packmule/turtle. We also had to stop about 10 times for Jeff because he's constantly ravenous. Oscar is freezing his nuts in this 6 degree weather. Well we're in our hostel in Kyoto now and about to head out to dinner. Chicken curry!

Tomorrow we're going sightseeing around Kyoto so there will be a lot of photos for everyone!

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Yokoso! (Welcome!)

Let the countdown begin!

Well we are only 28 days out now before we depart for the land of the rising sun! Airfares are booked, accomodation is booked, train passes are booked... and most importanlty travel insurance is sorted (one of us is definately going to be attacked by a ninja and/or yakuza!)

So without further ado here is our itinerary:

December Tuesday 14th- Depart Brisbane Intl Airport to Sydney. Change @ Sydney to direct flight to Tokyo Japan.
Wednesday 15th- Arrive Narita, Tokyo Airport Japan @ 6am in the morning. Take the shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto Japan (about 500km south and 3.5 hours on the train). Staying at Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel.
16th 17th & 18th - Spending 3.5 days in Kyoto. Exploring Kyoto the old capital city of ancient Japan. Full of castles, temples, palaces, etc.
19th & 20th- Take train to Osaka. the 2nd biggest city in Japan. Visit Universal Studios (theme park). Spa World (onsen hotsprings, saunas, heated pools, etc). Kaiyukan Aquarium best aquarium in Asia. Staying at Bonsai Guest House Osaka.
21st -24th - Take train to Hakuba. Hakuba is one of the best ski fields in Japan. Spend 4 days in Hakuba skiing, seeing snow monkeys, etc. Staying at Lodge Tabi Tabi in Hakuba.
25th December - Jan 5th - Take train to Tokyo. Spend the remainder of our trip here. Meet up with Josh who is going to be our tour guide ;). Staying at Homeikan hostel in Tokyo.

That's the plan in a nutshell... Plans usually fall apart though so let's see what happens!

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